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Bareback Museum MOCA Gallery

On Thursday the 13th of December, Rajay, a student from UCL Arts, Nature and Wellbeing course, presented his student placement project at the Bloomsbury Theatre about the Bareback Museum and evaluative practices. Rajay was invited to attend and to evaluate the impact of the Bareback Museum Performance Workshop on the 21st and 22nd of October at MOCA gallery. He participated in the life drawing whilst also documenting through drawing, photographing and note taking about the impact of the performance workshop with the audience.

During the collective evaluation, the audience were invited to exhibit their drawings on the glass wall of the gallery in order to begin a collective evaluation about the future of Aids Memorials. Rajay participated in the collective evaluation both as a researcher and as an audience member. During the conversations the group spoke about the London Lighthouse, as an audience member was a receptionist for the charity in the 90’s and recollected visits from Princess Diana.  

Information about the course can be found below. Bareback Museum will host two new students during October and December 2019.

Bareback Museum: Life Drawing Performance Workshop on Intimacy and Sexual Health

UCL Bareback Museum

UCL Urban Laboratory and the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies invite you to join us for a performative life drawing workshop to think collectively (and in new ways) about institutions, bodies and unprotected sex.

Start: Jul 05, 2018 05:30 PM 
End: Jul 05, 2018 08:30 PM
Location: Bloomsbury Theatre Studio, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH

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Antibiotics Awareness Week

Last week I was invited to antibiotics awareness day at Greenwich and Lewisham Hospital by Angela Hodgson-Teall. The encounter looked beyond the containment and micromanaging of … bad bacteria/viruses  – noted by the Yves Klein Blue Lagoon and the Island Republic signage – towards the roles of collective audience participation and evaluation. Drawing on the Nature of Empathy (Angela Hodgson-Tealls PhD), visitors, staff and clients (patients) were asked to empathise with the bacteria and draw ideas about  their relationship with them. Drawings were exhibited in low-fi cardboard (banana) boxes, stacked up together with inside spaces facing the audience and conversations with all participants. Audiences collectively evaluated each others work and developed more communal discussions about the hospital and the awareness of the over use of antibiotics.

I had many discussions about language and the way that collective experiences can effect change.  The drawing I made was of Grindr and Gonorrhoea and the problems facing sexual health with resistant bacterial infections. 

gonorrhoea antibiotics awareness day