Public Art Events

Bareback Museum: Sexual Health, Intimacy and Acts of Mercy, MOCA London, in collaboration with Dr Angela Hodgeson-Teall, October 2018

Life Drawing the Bauhaus​​, A pilot life drawing Pop Up event for a summer fete exploring the roles of creativity and collaboration at the Bauhaus, within the local community; Arebyte Gallery, August 2018

Bareback Museum​​, a life drawing and performance workshop about intimacy and sexual health with LGBTQ communities, in collaboration with Urban Laboratory, University College London, Institute of Advanced Studies and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, July 2018.

Bareback Museum: ‘Can I make a Painting if I am too ill Mrs Aids?, Live performance, collaboration with Angela Hodgson-Teall, Wimbledon College of Art/University of the Arts London, March 2018

Gel Dancing and Open System​​s at Tate Modern as part of the Tate exchange with UAL research project for ‘Producing Future Homes and Communities’. A performance to develop scripts within Health and groups with their own philosophies of change, combining drawing, intimacy and touch as future heterotopias. February 2018

Life drawing the Bareback Museum, A series of 1 to 1 encounters, Live performance, Cruising for Art at Tate Britain, June 2017

A contemporary reflection and reparation of the Cayley Robinson Paintings, Acts of Mercy, Live performance/Drawing Workshop, collaboration with Angela Hodgson-Teall, Association of Medical Humanities Conference, Keele University, June 2017

121 Life Drawing, Live performance and Exhibition, Side Room Gallery, Chelsea University of the Arts London, May 2017

Can I make a painting if I am too ill Mrs Aids?>, Live performance workshop with Alun Davies and Angela Hodgson-Teall, Carnesky Productions, Soho, 2016

Helping Professionals with a Painting, Live performance collaboration with Owen Parry, I’m With You Queer Fringe Festival, Barbican Centre, Nov 2016

Bareback the Precariat Life drawing performance workshop, Live performance workshop with Angela Hodgson-Teall and Gary O’dwyer, Common Grounds AHRC, York University, June 2016

Zaitech is the New Modernism, Live Performance Workshop with Angela Hodgson Teall and Dalston Ballet Company, Imperial College Healthcare Charity, Charing Cross Hospital, 2016

The Bareback Museum: Fandom, Live Performance, Owen Parry Fan Club 4 ‘Hail Hail Hail Party Hail’, Chisenhale Dance Studios, London, 2016