AHRC Commons Event

‘Can I make a Painting if I am too ill Mrs Aids>?’

Bareback Museum Lifedrawing Performance Workshop with Angela Hodgson-Teal.

Choreography by Dalston Ballet Company


An interest in LGBTQ communities and representation in Academic Events. The Performance Workshop focused on the cleansing of public space and the utilisation of life drawing to negotiate room for activism within institutional environments.

The performance investigates sexual health, PREP/ PEP Hiv medication, bareback sex, intimacy, trust, monogamous relationships and nudity/exhibitionism.


The Bareback Museum Life drawing Performance workshop from Miles Coote on Vimeo.

During the Lifedrawing Performance Workshop the performance text is sung in plain chant

Performance Text

Well can I make a painting if I am too ill mrs aids. No. I can’t make a painting if I am ill mrs aids. But I can’t make a painting if I am not ill either. If I am tired I cannot make a painting mrs aids. Neither can I make a painting if I was not a shoe holder, for a shoe holder holds all the shoes just as the lock smith holds all the keys. So you see, I am a shoe holder but not a lock smith. Nor a planet. Nor a Claverton Street. I am the lock holder who holds the door to the irreversible chemical cupboard which draws down its long shutters and doesn’t just. I am the advisor. I am king of the advisory. I advise people to take pep and not to take pep. I am a precautionary not a visionary. I am a trier not a succeeder. I am the person who sits on the right. I am a disabled person. I am mental health. I need to get confused or made to be confused. My head starts to hurt when I talk a pill. I start to feel dry when I have drunk water. I start to leak when i have cum. I am the unhappy summer who watches porn and does not listen. I am shy and I am scared to feel intimate. I enjoy my new boyfriend but I am still scared and shy sometimes to feel needed. I am the happy house which can stand on its feet like a cartoon and move. I am in a position to stick the roof up and my bottom down. I am the drawn wind who does not shudder but falls asleep in the waiting room when I cannot move. I wait.. and wait and sometimes the waiting is fast and sometimes it can be very slow. Sometimes I experience the level of service which keeps me happy. Sometimes I am in a studious mood. I can read for a while even though things should not be so clear. When I come in I am a monster. When I come in I don’t come in for a while. I stand outside and watch all the still smokers smoking. And I wonder am I hitting the needle to hard. can i find my haystack. Can I be impressed by the way that I am. Can I study in a group. Can I stand in a group and not lie. Can I do gang bang in the lads. Can I sit on a sofa and get bored? Have I ever done it?


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