Live art performance

“Bareback is Institutional”

Miles Coote performs with his Painting made in 2010 and first exhibited at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in 2014, on the stage during a live performance.

Bareback The Precariat –  Live with David and Goliath Painting


workingmensclub – Wi-Fi from Miles Coote on Vimeo.


Performance Text

“For the precariat there is no good. No good enough not at all good. He keeps his eyes open but closed. There is hope for the prec\riat but it is built into the false hope whereby he leaves the nest as a fresh bird only to fade away into the machine which Deleuze describes as capitalism: hope that the precariat will go on to do something constructive but straight away over ruled by an infallible system. A worldly system which ceases anything to be free. The precariat – an oxford boy who studied politics, philosophy and economics – will get sucked up for all his skills and his demeanor in education. The oxford boy won’t know what has hit him. One minute he is sitting on a bus, next minute he is in a power chain. One which he can view like the rhyme “the wheels on the bus”. (ever round) Next he will learn the epitome of capitalism. He will sit and learn it forced into it like the scene with the new James Bond. Bond is forced onto a chair whilst a man slings a weighted rope over the back rung, underneath the seat to ricochette up and hit him in the bollocks. It is the same for the precariat except that his bollocks are always blocking. Partly as the youth of the young man and partly he might like to fuck. In this case he does not.”

“Fucking, lets talk about fucking and the demographics of fucking. Miles likes fucking, or likes to watch fucking, partly as a member of the demographic society of the internet? Miles wants to be part of it. He wants to watch it and to be included. Boys naked, smooth bottoms, beautiful glowing words made better than the word art. Arrrrrgh it is beautiful. Miles wants to join in but is straight away entering a neo liberal capitalist society that is formed of this demographic area of the internet. Internet browses browse porn for hours constantly clicking away at the numbers one by one. Click – Link- 1 second – 2 second- porn -no porn for the visitor – join porn – get sent junk mail porn and eventually pay for porn. Porn is free but not for the contemporary informant. Porn is trends. There are trends all over it. The way that a man is filmed is only the beginning. The type of boy (man) is a big part. The finish of the body. A skin pricked bottom from rash. Rash of shaving hair on the buttock. It becomes hot because it is contemporary. The trend of the man.The two men. The origin. The injection of energy. It is stop / energy for twenty minutes and then cum, the man has cummbed in a bareback;arrrrrg gorgeous. This is on the browsing links. A grid like structure of a hyperlinked image which shows shots of the scene when hovering the arrow from the ‘mouse’ (Old school) below left the time limit of the uploaded video. All fitted under in small writing also is the brief description; cum, bareback, skinny, twink, big and then another item of information about the uploader maybe. All fitted into this grid like system. This infinite vector space that takes its capitalist nature from the http in the web address. It is disgusting. Not porn BUT DEMOGRAPHICS”

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